Friday, August 22, 2008

Thursday Aug 21st Getting Stuff done

We have now been here for a whole week. Yesterday and today were devoted to finishing up the last of the major things in order start getting settled in our new home.

Our first stop yesterday was to the Absorbtion Ministry to deal with our Sal Klita. They needed our banking information in order to receive money from the government. They explained to us what our rights were and what things we needed to have taken care of. We had already dealt with most things on the list. As a surprise they were able to take care of our baby bonus as well as the rental assistance in a year from now. They gave us the documents we need to register for Ulpan. That is on next week's schedule.

We then went to the post office for health insurance for DW and Boo. We then went to the health insurance provider to sign up for the insurance. Next we went to the cell phone store in the plaza. They were still under renovation. We waited forever for a bus to the train station. We arrived to watch the train pull out of the station. We then waited an hour and half for the next train.

We finally got to the mall. There was a cell phone booth right at the entrance. Technically, we needed to go back to the bank to have a document signed before we could get our phones. Since we are New Olim (re: they really wanted to make the sale), they activated on the spot as long as we faxed the information the following day after going to the bank. We then went to the food court for Shwarma. It was really good. Back on the train to pack in for the day.

First thing this morning I went to the bank to deal with the cell phones. The bank told me to leave them the document and they would take care of the rest. We went to a furniture store out of someone's basement. The pricing and quality were great. We bought beds and will return next week to finalize the purchase of a dinning room table and chairs. We bought a fridge and beard trimmer before calling it a day.

Tommorrow we are going to Kiryat Sefer for Shabbos.

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