Sunday, August 10, 2008

T'was the night before lift-time, and all through the house, every window was rattling, we were using a mouse

Oh my God.

So the fragiles for our lift are being packed today. The people are supposed to be here any minute. We were up until roughly 3 am making sure there was room for the stuff to be packed, and that all the fragile stuff is where they can get at it fairly easily. Remember if you will that we live in a two bedroom apartment that is currently filled with many boxes and even more chaos. Suffice it to say this was not an easy task.

Fortunatly we have some of the world's most incredible friends who came over ot help with the schlepp work and grunt work. Between P and N & G, and some help from my sister, we managed to get most things done (and Boo aslepp on the living room floor) by the time we went ot bed.

And if that is not bad enoguh, it is tisha b'Av. Told you I had awesome friends. How many people would come help lug furniture when they were fasting? On the other hand, by the time we went to bed I was a mess. All the dust we were kicking up moving furniture and stuff was making my (mostly inactive) asthma a living hell. Lord alone knows where my puffer is. I needed water to clear my throat and obviously could not have any. By the time I went ot bed we decided on the "half-a-shot-glass-every-10-minutes" plan. Three of those and I was actually able to stop coughing long enoguh to think about going ot bed.


No seriously.


About 45 seconds after turing off the lights we heard the loudest and longest noise either one of us had ever heard. Ok, I get spooked easily, but even Jay went running for a computer so we could try to figure out what was going on. The noises did not stop. They (obviously) woke up a very terrified Boo who ended up in bed with us for the rest of the night (which is an incredibly infrequent state of affairs around here. She knows her bed is where she is supposed to sleep). We were so spooked we even tried calling 911 to find out if we should evacuate!

It sounded like bombs going off or something. We could hear sirens and horns blaring. The sky was orange. We tried calling 911 repeatedly but kept geting a busy signal! We could hear our upstairs neighbour moving around- we thought about going up there to knock and see if we could catch anything on the news (or TV is no longer plugged in), but as it was now 4 am we sort of decided against it.

We checked the Toronto Fire services website which updates every 5 minutes and found out that propane factory near Wilson and Keele went up into a 6 alarm blaze. That is over 3 km from here, and it was still loud enough that we were covering our ears and our windows were rattleing.

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