Sunday, August 24, 2008

Going into Shabbos

Friday was a quiet day. Channah had camp and we made preparations for Shabbos. This week we were staying in Kiryat Sefer, which is a neighbourhood in Modin Illit.

We were sleeping in the apartment above our hosts. When we opened the door the lock got a jammed and we could not get the door closed. After some wrangling by a number of people in the building, it was fixed so that the lock was permanently broken but the door could be closed. I hope the owners realize that we didn't do anything wrong to break there door.

It was nice to spend Shabbos with friends we have not seen in a while. On Shabbos afternoon another friend who lives in the neighbourhood stopped by for a visit. From the marpeset where we were sleeping there was a beautiful view of the Green Park construction just down the hill. These units made news recently when the Arab village two hills away filled a lawsuit with the Quebec Superior Court. They are demanding financial compensation plus having the units torn down on account of 'war crimes'.

When we started getting really busy with the move Boo starting having accidents. It was only once or twice a day and mostly when we were around. With all the upheaval in her life, we decided not to make a big deal of it for fear it would make her nervous and the situation worse. Just before Shabbos she had another accident. I explained the serious consequences she would face if she didn't put an end to this. I even threatened to start buying diapers.

Shabbos morning I came home from Shul and she had already had 3 accidents. The Israeli water had finally caught up with Boo. After accident number 9, I took her to the Shabbos doctor. I have never been to a doctor that did not examine their patient before reaching a conclusion. Even telehealth Ontario, always suggests that you go to the hospital "just in case". He concluded she has some kind of infection and we should ease up on her diet. 3 more accidents took us till the end of Shabbos. We had a rotation of 4 pairs of underwear and a pajama bottom that we would rinse and leave out in the sun. Everyone was frustrated as there was nothing we could do to solve the situation. Since we cut back on her food intake things have been much better.

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