Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Busy, busy, busy

Today is another nutty day in the lives of the Swirsky family. I am so glad that next week I only need to move into a new home, get all the STUFF a new home needs, start my kid in school, start Jay and I in Ulpan, and take delivery on a bunch of stuff we already bought... ahhhhhhh, a week to relax.... (snark).

Anyhow, this morning we ran out to the bank to pick up our bank cards and stuff from the bank in the ramah. We also ordered checks because I forgot to do that the first time. Those will be ready in a couple of days. No big deal.

Came home and baby sat for our hosts son for a while while our hosts were at a brit.

We dropped Jason at the train (he is going into Jerusalem for a drivers eye test and a job interview... not a lot of money, but it is part time and work from home for a legitimate company to supplement our sal klita (absorbtion grant) and whatever money I can make while I am setting up shop. It is only for 3 months so should carry us until when at least I have money coming in again) and off we went.

Lor and I went back to the ramah so that I could take out money to pay for the dining room set we ordered (pictures to follow when we get it. He gave us a discount for paying cash). We had some time to kill so we went linen shopping and I found sheets for our bed. They are nice and green and say "beautiful life" all over them. Ok, a little tacky, but they are fun and bright and I like them.

From there we went to buy the table and chairs and make sure our mattresses really were going to be delivered by September first. They will be. Maybe. We think. Hopefully.

Picked up the girls from camp and came home.

We were going to go with Chana B and her Bubbie to a drum concert, but when I got home I had an email that today was "Meet the Teacher Day" and Channah's new gan. So, today at 5:00 we are off to go see the gan and meet the gannenet (preschool teacher).

After that, Lor is taking my Channah home to give her dinner and put her to bed while Jason and I have a meeting to go to in Jerusalem. Since he is already there I am going to bus in and meet him and we will go the rest of the way together.

We are missing the local "games night", but we should be home in plenty of time to get an almost decent night's sleep before needing ot be up early to go to register for Ulpan in the morning.

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