Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Quest for Strawberry/Bannana

Yesterday was a crazy day. In the morning we went to get our bank cards.

I caught the train into Jerusalem. I had lunch at Pizza Hut. I had a personal pizza (mushrooms, pineapple, olives) and a volcano (hot brownie with a scoop of ice cream, covered in chocolate) for dessert. It was not as good as pizza in Detroit but it was a nice sit down restaurant.

I then had a job interview in the Technology Garden. The facility was beautiful. It had 8 office towers connected by a giant grassy park. Plus is was right next to the train station The job is a telemarketing job, 5pm-11pm 30 NIS/hour + commission + compensation for transportation (as per Israeli law). They expected one lead per hour for bonus of at least 20 NIS per lead. The money is OK. Once factoring in transportation I don't know if I could handle the hours of the job and Ulpan.

One of things I love is freshly squeezed Strawberry/Banana juice. I went to the juice place in the food court. The stuff they served was Strawberry/Banana in a Slurpee/iced coffee form. Picture Prigat with triple the amount of sugar. It was good, just not what I am looking for.

I then took the bus to the Tachanna. I would be meeting up with DW later in the evening. I had time so I decided to take a walk down Yaffo. I still feel silly about getting lost in the old city was happy to see familiar surroundings. I took a stroll through Machane Yehudah. There were only two fruit juice places. One had no hasgacha and the other was heter machira. At this point in time I am not so comfortable at holding by heter machira.

I continued walking to Ben Yehudah. I walked around for a little while. There were 3 fresh fruit juice stands. They were all heter machira. I will probably have to wait a few more months for Strawberry Banana juice. I was walking through looking at all the shops with the touristy gizmos and tourist incentives. I just walked through thinking that this is my home. It was a great feeling.

I then walked back to meet up with Rachel. We had horrible fallafel/shwarma. I saw the second Tadiran phone since landing. It was in an office being renovated next to Holy Bagel.

The meeting in Jerusalem went really badly. Then we got lost trying to follow a short cut back to the bus. We ended up taking a taxi to the main bus stop and catching one of the last buses back to where we were staying.

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