Friday, August 22, 2008

Thursday August 14th The Never Ending Day Part 1

I have been updating our trip on my LJ account. The next few posts will be my previous Aliyah LJ posts.

On Tuesday my parents had a small going away party for immediate family. Afterwards DW and Boo went to my in-laws where friends and family dropped by to say good bye. I went back to the apartment to finish packing up. My chavrusah stopped by to learn for a few minutes and the Sukkah was finally picked up. I loaded our luggage into the van and went back to my in-laws for the night. DW and I finally finished all of the packing up and went to sleep around 3am.

Wednesday morning, We were out of the house to be at the airport by 9:30am for a 1:30pm flight. As we were one of the first one's there we were able handle all of the airport stuff without the pressure of holding up the line. We were entitled to nine (23kg) bags. We had eight. The first one weighed in at 22.8 kg. We thought we were in the clear. Two bags ended up over the limit. We had to transfer stuff into an extra bag that we had just in case. Fortunatly we were being processed by British Airways so they were really friendly. They even gave us a 1 kg break on a couple of bags. In total 3 bags had to be opened up to be inspected by security.

We then had plenty of time to spend with my MIL, SIL, my parents. EF showing up at the airport was a pleasant surprise. I did not realize how hard it was going to be say goodbye to my parents.

The most bizarre moment was a family who was moving to Sfat. They showed up at the airport with a moving truck filled with boxes. It worked out that they had enough kids that 3 boxes each they were entitled to was enough to set them up on their own.

I started writting this post shortly after reaching where we are staying this morning. I keep falling asleep. I will post about the flight tommorrow or Sunday.

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