Friday, August 22, 2008

Saturday August 16th The Never Ending Day Part 2

Saying good-bye was much harder than I ever expected. I am really going to miss my parents and others we have left behind. Once we were through security it was time to focus on saying hello.

We stopped at the duty free shop. We bought a Macallan 12 and Glenfiddich special reserve to begin rebuilding our alcohol collection. We then proceeded to the gate to wait for boarding.

I have not flown very often. The ride would rank near the bottom of pleasant flying experiences. The plane was very stuffy and the flight was long and drawn out. The chicken that was served for lunch was OK. Breakfast wasn't served for another 7 hours. We forgot to anticipate this scenario as the snacks we brought on the plane was milchik. Boo had mood swings between cranky/excited/
frustrated/starving. Breakfast was before sunrise. It was really cool one side of the plane had sunlight and the other side was pitch black. I davened Shacharit on the plane as there would be no time when we landed.

7:30 am we touch down at terminal 3. The new airport is really nice. We went to passport control to have our visas stamp and get a card to enter the baggage area. We then went to a bus to head over to terminal 1. On route the door was locked so we had to find another exit. Terminal 1 is only used for cargo flights and NBN flights so they can get the picture of the people taking the stairs off of the plane. I think the only reason immigration processing is done their is for the nostalgia effect. They sandwiches and drinks. I signed a bunch of documents. We then received our Teuda Oleh, money and coupon for the free taxi ride from the government. Our Teudah Zechut will be available on Monday.

We then had to take the bus back to terminal 3. We picked up our luggage. NBN paid for the border to take

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