Monday, September 1, 2008

Day 1. Again.

I am currently sitting on the floor in my almost completely empty apartment using someone else's wireless internet connection. B'h we have met our neighbours and they seem lovely! They loaned us a bed for Channah (so she does not need to use an air mattress until our stuff gets here). They coincidentally are getting new beds and closets today so they had what to lend.

I will post pictures on our blog later on today.

Channah got off to her first day with no real trouble. She was nervous this morning ("I AM NOT GOING TO SCHOOL. I AM VERY, VERY ANGRY!!!"), but once we got there she went running in. She asked where to put her tik and all was good. Meeting the teacher and some of the kids in advance was a great idea and I am pretty sure it made today a whole lot easier.

We also made a big deal about how cool her new school is because now she can take peanut butter to school. For lunch today she has a peanut butter sandwich, bamba (a peanut flavoured cheesy sort of thing that all the kids devour here) and an apple with peanut butter. Oh, and the ever-present water bottle! We put it all into her little snoopy tik (thanks Suzanne. She loves it and takes it everywhere! It is the perfect size for day to day use).

So, on tap for today.
  • Bed Delivery
  • Fridge Delivery (And the other guy who has to come over ot plug it in or it is not covered by the warentee!)
  • Night table, desk and other stuff from Ace delivery and then self assembly
  • Figure out where the heck the air conditioner panel is. Not that we need it right now, but I am way to anal to have a remote and have no idea how it works.
  • Get some basic groceries and palstic plates
  • Put away whatever we can
  • Find a table to borrow until we get ours
  • Call to set up electricity account
  • Remember to pick up Channah!
  • Figure out how to move an aron that seems to be too tall to slide through the door and to heavy to lift sideways.
  • Bring all our !@#%^ over from where we were staying
  • Possibly buy and install new shower heads as the ones we have are pretty gross and leaky
  • Possibly buy and install shelves into the holes in our kitchen wall that used to have some. Either that our buy a poster to cover the ugly anchors in the wall. We thought they were staying. Oh well.

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