Thursday, September 18, 2008

You're Moving Where?

When we first starting telling people of our Aliyah plans there were some objectors to our decision. The most common objection was that it was so dangerous to live in Israel.

For someone who only casually follows Israeli news I can see why they would form such an inaccurate impression. Iran has been calling for the destruction of Israel and there is always the possibility of terrorist attacks. The secuirty fence has gone a long way to preventing such attacks.

Israel is much more security conscious than North American security pretends to be. Metal detectors and bag inspections are a routine part of life when entering the airport, the Kotel, major transportation hubs and major shopping malls. Cars entering the parking lots of the airport and major shopping malls have to open their trunks for a security inspection. The kotel and large bags at the Central Bus Station in Jerusalem are subject to being x-rayed. Police randomly pull over cars to make sure their documentation is in order. Schools have tall fences and a security gaurd. Channah's school doesn't qualify for a security gaurd due to a technicallity. They do have a giant padlock and the class room door is also kept locked when it is closed.

Following the Canadian news over the last month as casually as those objectors would leave anyone with the same impression that Canada is a dangerous place to live. This week there were 3 shootings on a single weekday. The victim of the "school shooting" has already been charged with armed robbery. Lockdown drills are standard parts of school curriculim. People are being murdered on the 401 tying up traffic for hours. There has been a massive food epidemic leaving at least 17 people dead. Uniformed police officers now have permanent offices in Toronto schools.
Then there was the beheading on a Greyhound bus and a propane factory blowing up in the middle of a residential area shortly before we left.

Every morning I wake up to the most beautiful mountain view. I continue to enjoy the view through out the day weather it is walking to Ulpan or the supermarket or just looking out our windows. The worst crime we have been exposed to is the occasional road closing because someone forgot their bag forcing the bomb squad to dispose of it. I also had a sub teacher who had her car stolen. The air is clean and the streets are safe. Anyone who claims that Israel is too dangerous should be afraid to walk the streets of any major city in North America.

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