Thursday, September 4, 2008

Coming from ulpan

I figured I would give everyone a little bit of a look at our new surroundings, buy taking you on the walk home from ulpan with me. It is a 10-15 minute walk from our apartment to ulpan, but that does not include the 5-8 minutes to drop of Channah at school. She is sort of on the way, but if we did not have to take her we could go a slightly shorter route. There are actually two routes to take from the top of our street once we get there. One is shorter and hillier, the other slightly longer but flatter. We tend to take the short and hilly route.

Ok, so this what you see in front of you once you come out of the matnas and turn to go down the hill. I did not take a picture of the first part of the walk becuase I only decided to do this once I had gotten a few minutes into the walk and did not really feel like going back up the hill.

Next we have the view from the top of the pedestrian street that meets up with our street 2 block down. That blue thing on the right is a makolet (grocery store) called "Deal V'Zol" (Deal and cheap). It's not. It is actually a little more expensive than the stuff at the mercaz (central shopping district) but convienient. At the far left are benches so you can wiat for a bus or watch your kids play (or both). THere are loads of these little parks around. They are all sort of 1970's remnants and made of metal so you burn your butt if you try to use most of them.

There is a nice plastic park down the street from us, and another about half way between us and ulpan.

Ok, this is about the half way point of the midrachov. Pretty no?

Ok, we are now two blocks into the 5 block midrachov, but this is where we are turning off. That is my building just acroass the street on the left. Our living room is the very bottom left window. If you zoon in you can see have a nice sized ISraeli glad flutter in the non-breeze. Our mirpeset is on the other side of the building over the parking lot and with a fastastic view of the mountains.

We are now in our chatzer (courtyard. A couple of benches but that is about it. Nothing special.
This is the entrance from the chatzer to the actual building. If you go all the way through (to where you can see sunlight) that is the parking lot. We are actually a duplex building, so there are entrances on both the left and right sides (to get to us go left).

The door. In case anyone cares our mailbox is the top left.

The entrance way to our building. Behind the wall with the picture on it is the elevator, and the white door opposite that is the stairs (and bike storage for all the kids in the building). It is actually one of the nicest entrance ways we have seen so far.

Our elevator. It holds roughly 4 people at one time. It is clean and runs smoothly and is a shabbos elevator as well.

Home at last! This is a lovely picture of my front door as taken from the open elevator. Please come in, enjoy yourself. It is nice and cool...

Oh wait. That part of the tour will have to wait until we get some furniture.


Shelly said...

It's worth moving just to have a pretty front door like that! ;)

Your shops remind me a lot of Har Nof.

happyduck1979 said...

huh? which shops?