Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Clearing up the murky waters of Kashrut

I spoke to my Rosh Yeshiva this evening. He helped clarify the confusion of the complications with Kashrut here. He made to sure to point out he is mekel. It should also be noted that he was poskening for our own set of circumstances. Others should ask their own shiloh.

Oven - He does not know why people are claiming the size of the oven should make a difference for kashering. He suggested kashering the oven (maximum heat 1 hour) to Parve. We could then keep it parve by covering everything we cook. Since we already have a large toaster oven, I think we will leave it fleish. We will kasher it if we are serving a large milchiks meal.

Shmita - We can rely on nochri or ozer beis din. According to minhag Yerushalyim nochri has no keduasha. Heter Machira is problematic. We should not worry since Shmita for vegetables is almost over.

Kashrut - In Toronto we had friends that we trust their Kashrut 100%. When they came to Israel they adopted Rabbanut for milchig and Mehadrin for fleishig. With the exception of shmita issues this would be perfectly acceptable for us to follow.

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