Friday, September 5, 2008

Kosher Internet- oxyMORON

So after being promised up and down that if we were on the lowest security level of the kosher internet we would still be able ot get into anything we wanted and that it would just filter out the automatic shmutz that pops up from time to time, we signed on.


I can not watch ANY streaming video. EVER.
I can only get into lj some of the time. And if I can get in chances are Jay can't and vice versa.
I can't get into my shop.
I can *generally* get in to my other blog, but not always.
We can get emails from facebook, so long as they do not contain any links. Not that it tells us they are not getting through, we just do not get them. Someone sent Jay a link to local davening times for shabbat and it was filtered out.

Sure the speed is good. That is like saying you have great picture quality on HDTV while not having cable. Who the hell cares??????

We are switching to bezeq as soon as we can, however as no one in this country works on Fridays (and only half of them work on Sundays) and everyone seems to close early on Tuesdays, this might take a while.

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