Saturday, September 6, 2008

Shabbos -- Home at Last

This was the our Shabbos since moving into our apartment. On Friday night we went to cousins we were close with in Toronto. They made early Shabbos at 5:30. We davened in a basement near our house. We had an amazing time.

On Shabbos morning our cousins suggested davening where our host normally davens. He gave me directions with landmarks and a nearby street name. As I was walking suddenly I could see the building where Ulpan is and I knew that was too far. I had not seen anything that matched the landmarks. I think I may still have need to walk one more block. I found out after that there were 3 different minyanim in a block of Ganim. Even, if I had gone there I might not have ended up in the right place. I decided to turn around and daven at Ohr Shalom, the Shul I went to last time. At least I knew where it was.

I walked in for the middle of kiddusha. Problem was I had no idea if it was Shacharis or Mussaf. As Kiddusha finished the Gabay came over and guided me to a seat. After davening he came over to talk to me. He apologized for not giving me an Aliyah. He had been so busy worrying about the Bris that morning that he forgot to ask what my situation was. The open Aliyah went to "a new regular that had moved into the neighbourhood" I assured him not to worry as it was my friend that helped us find the neighbourhood. I have been promised that I will get a special Aliyah for new Olim next week. It is one of two shuls in contention as the place we want to make our shul. We have not been to the other one.

Lunch was at the home of the people we met our first Shabbos. They are super friendly and have a different sense of what they consider a 'normal' family. We get along really well. After lunch we went home for naps. Then we went to the park as before heading down the stairs to Ohr Shalom for Mincha. We had Shalei Sheudous at home. We are still hitting high of 35 C. We keep our bread in the freezer. After 5 minutes it is edible. Tonight has been a quiet night.

Tomorrow Rabbi Orlofsky is speaking at Ohr Shalom. I am very excited. It is also a much closer walk compared to the last time I saw him at the Forest Hill Jewish Centre.

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Anonymous said...

You're in Israel now my friends. It's "Seudat Sheleesheet". :)