Thursday, September 4, 2008

More Paper Work

This morning was the second full day of Ulpan. I cannot believe how much information there is to pack into 4.5 hours. After Ulpan I came home and quick lunch. I then took the bus into Jerusalem. Applying my learning from the morning I was able to ask in Hebrew if the bus was going to where I needed to go. I was able to understand his answer, that he went near where I wanted to go, which was good enough for me. I also was able to go into a store ask for a digital photo frame (frame digitali), ask for the price and understand the answer all completely in Hebrew.

I went to Jerusalem to deal with the customs paperwork for our lift. Normally, I would have had to travel to Ashdod. They have a sales person in Jerusalem that is able to handle the paperwork. This was the only time that it is beneficial to fill out government paperwork in English. The authorities get suspicious if the Hebrew is too good, plus it allows for 'mistakes' when translating information into the government computer. We are hoping I don't have to pay duties on my hockey equipment.

We met in the coffee shop next to Mahane Yehudah. Apparently it is one of the few places that has fresh coffee beans not destined for Turkish coffee. Speaking of Turkish coffee. During the meeting I found out that due to the port strike our the boat with our lift had been diverted to Turkey. Fortunatly, the port in Turkey refused to unload the shipment. It was not clear if it was becuase Turkey didn't want another countries shipment or the strike ended just in time. Either way we don't have to pay the port and storage fees in Turkey.

Afterwards, I walked down to the Kotel for mincha. There was a bride and groom having their pictures done, which was kind of neat. I took the bus back to the bus station. I bought a digital picture frame and headed home. I got on the 420 bus. I had noted earlier that there it was one of the buses that stops near our apartment. The bus was getting emptier and emptier and the bus approached the road to the Rama and turned back to the city centre. The bus driver finally asked me where I was going. He immediately threw me off the bus. I have no idea how the bus route is supposed to work.

Fortunately the taxi service is great. I was able to hail a cab after 3 minutes. It was the friendly cab driver ever. He gave me an opportunity to try to make conversation in Hebrew. There was a lot of welcomes and best of luck. He told me that he had been to Toronto once for two days. He had gone to Niagara Falls & Mi nature Village. He also told me how great the beer was. There was some brand with a Captain or General on the packaging.

Tomorrow will be a low key day getting ready for Shabbos.

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