Sunday, September 7, 2008

The eagle has landed

Our lift is In Israel. It is currently in Chaifa, and will take roughly 2 days to get to Ashdod. from there is can be 3-4 days for customs, then they will think about getting it to us.

Probably another week at least.

On top of that, sitting through 4.5 hours a day of ulpan is killing me. I had trouble making it through a 45 minute Ivrit class in high school, and ulpan is like Ivrit on steroids. With no excuses to get out of doing your homework. I am seriously not sure how long I am going to last. Being put into the highest class is more intense than I can deal with on a 5 days a week basis.

I am having an "I want to go home to Toronto" sort of day :(

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Anonymous said...

It's really important to stick to it. Zach burned out of Ulpan after less than 6 months and he's STILL paying the price 5 years later.