Friday, September 26, 2008

Wow did I get carried away...

It has been a looooong time since I actually made real shabbos meals (6 weeks since we got here, and before that it was a number of weeks that we were not at home doing our "last shabbos visits" in Toronto). I actually sort of missed doing the whole shabbos thing. I love having company and by and large it has always been a regular part of our lives. We love having a full house.

Tonight is the first time we have company coming for shabbat. In total we are 6 adults and 3 children of which Channah is the oldest. We are not home or lunch tomorrow as we are going to new friends in the area.

I think I missed it more than I realized. I went a little overboard.

Seriously, for shabbat we have

Challah, grape juice and wine

Gefilte fish (brought by one of our guests)
Salad (brought by one of our guests)
Chumous, matbucha and purple cabbage (all store bought)

Carrot squash zuccinni soup

Onion chicken
schnitzle (I did not know for sure if we were out for lunch tomorrow or not so I made it just in case)
broccolli kugel
carrot kugel
bubbie rice (made with Israeli cous cous)
deli roll (see logic behind the schnitzle)

Apple crumble

Originally I was going to do roasted potatoes and carrots with the chicken, but seems to me I do not really need it.

Oh well, we are going to have soem great leftovers on Sunday (then I need to cook for yom tov). I can not really just freeze the extra stuff becuase we have a TINY freezer.

Ok, so some more things I need to get used to.
  • Bay leaves do not seem to exist here
  • ALL flour must be sifted before it can be used. Bugs are not just a random kashrut agency consiracy here. They really are hiding is loads of different things. It is seriously gross. Flour is sifted and kept in ziplock bags in the freezer.
  • you keep lods more things in the freezer than in North America. Flour, Bread (it just goes bad way to quickly otherwise). Lots of ice cubes...

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Anonymous said...

Bay leaves are "aley dafnah". You can find them in many supermarkets and at the shuk.

We keep EVERYTHING in our freezer or fridge. We had a huge bug problem in our old apartment. We sift bags of flour and just keep them in the freezer so it's ready to be used. We also keep sugar, cocoa powder, vanilla sugar, baking powder, baking soda, rice, and confectioner's sugar.
We keep honey and soup mixes in the fridge.
There's probably more, but I can't think of them now