Friday, September 26, 2008

A more structured day

Now that our lives are beginning to settle down a little and we have some more time on our hands (easy to say when you are both unemployed and only in school a half day) it is time to start getting things mroe formalized around here.

To that end, it was time to set Channah up with some things that are here responsibility to take care of. We made up two charts (one for her regularly nightly things and one for thigns I need her to do erev shabbat.

Each chart has columns with pictures at the top and place for checkmarks as they get done. They are written in Hebrew.

Basically, we are jsut hoping that if she knows what is expected of her, and has a way to help visualize it, we can avoid some of the temper tantrums that come from everything being new.

It looks like a long list, but in truth most of them are no brainers that she does most of the time anyway.

Weekdays she has to
  • put her schoolbag away by the front door
  • feed the fish
  • help when we ask herwe ask her two from the general apartment (ie, help with the duspan, dry the plastic dishes, etc)
  • taking her vitamin in the morning
  • putting all her laundry in the basket
  • put all her toys away
  • brush her teeth
  • help set the table
Erev Shabbat, in addition to all that, she has to
  • make sure her nightlight is on
  • make sure her bathroom (which is the main one) is ready for shabbat (light on, torn toilet paper, soap filled, clean towel, reading material)
  • have a bath
  • put all the shoes around the apartment away properly on the shoe rack or in the aron
  • get dressed for shabbos and have her hair brushed and put up

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