Sunday, September 28, 2008

Yom Tov Plans

So, um, did anyone else not realize that Rosh Hashanah is tomorrow? Ok, I know I have been saying for weeks that I need to get things done by yom tov, but that did not actually mean it was comming soon did it?

Well, tonight I realized that I am out of time.

Ok, so tonight I worked out all our meals and and what not. The only meal we are home alone is Aunty Renee lunch (first day lunch). I am sure I will be slightly melecholy about not being with everyone, but at least for the other 3 meals we are either invited out or having company.

We have settled on a shul for yom tov. Having lived in the neighbourhood for all of three weeks and having been away for one of them, we have not exactly done a lot of shopping around! We settled on this one becuase we know a few other families who are going to be there.

The fact that it is only a staircase away is a nice bonus!

The picture below is taken from our mirpeset. That building is the shul. Just out of the frame on the right is a staircase that goes right down to the shul. It is literally a 30 second walk. THe longest part of the walk is having to go around the construction fence!

This was the "Welcome to the neighbourhood" basket the shul sent us. (I opened the door and the first thing through my head was "Oh, apparently here they give mishloach manot Rosh Hashanah time here"). It is roughly 250nis of snacks and alcohol.

Channah is growing like a weed! You would think in a country with no water kids would grow slower, but NOPE. I noticed on shabbat that NONE of her shabbat clothing is really tzanuah anymore. Tonight she and I ran down to the mercaz to go shopping for some new stuff. Each outfit worked out ot roughly $30 if we were getting it back home.

I figure I will treat you all to some really cute Channah-pics of her in her new yom tov clothes.

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