Tuesday, September 2, 2008


For someone who plays with a blowtorch regularly, you would be amazed at how terrified I was to use a gas stove! Seriously, I managed to never use the one in my mom's house (since she moved... before that she always had electric).

Well, over here gas is the norm. It was trial by fire so to speak! Tonight I made dinner on on our gas stove. It was nothing fancy. Pasta with home made tomato sauce (jarred tomato sauce is insanely expensive here so you buy tomato paste and make it in to your own sauce). Two pots, two burners.

I also made hard boilled eggs for egg salad and for, well, hard boiled eggs.

On the other hand, Channah saw the fire and FREAKED! She screamed that the stove was on fire and we should put it out. Once we figured out what she meant we were amused (and explained it to her).

Now I just need to get rid of all the garbage from assembling everything today so I can do the dishes!


Anonymous said...

Funny, that's what we had for dinner.

One of the neighbours found Channah's heart necklace outside. I have it for next time I see you.

happyduck1979 said...

great, thanks.