Thursday, September 18, 2008

Works in Progress

Ok, I am posting a few pictures to tide people over until we post the video walkthrough once a) other people's boxes are gone and b) the artwork is up. We are about 75% unpacked now and the rest is going to take a bit longer. Basically, I took this week off ulpan to make our apartment "livable" but I need to go back next week as I am worried about falling behind.

Here you have Channah's room. Lots of pink. Lots of princesses. What more could a 4 year old girl ask for?

This is the reverse. Pardon the mess in the corner. The landlord was just here and we needed to pull the dresser out to get to a non-working plug behind it.

Book cases in the living room. They look a whole lot better than they ever did back home. The books are in no semblence of order, the idea was just to get them out of boxes and on to shelves. Organization will come later. There is one more bookshelf on th opposite side of the room and we still need ot get one more.

And now, my home within my home, my studio. Yes this room still has a lot of boxes in it, but that is becuase it is where we are storing the not yet unpacked boxes right now.

Check out my funky new workbench!