Sunday, September 14, 2008

I have a couch!!!!!!!!!!!

Ladies, and gentlemen, children of all ages, the Family Swirsky proudly presents...


Yes, this morning we got the call that our lift had finally cleared customs (while being hit with a 1300nis fee for the 39nis they assessed us as owing for things taxable on our lift) and as soon as we paid the fees (which would go up by a few hundred nis overnight if we waited, but as we did not have the cash on us and the bank was already closed for the day at 11:30am so we had to pay a 4% penalty for putting it on a credit card).

Oh, did I mentioned that the "inspection" was just someone cutting into random boxes with a knife so things were scratched and torn? Yeah, 600 nis for an "inspection" that ruined a bunch of stuff... plus the daily storage fees for the whole time it was in port...

Anyhow, that is all behind us now, and WE HAVE STUFF!!!

To be clear. I now have way more stuff than I know what to do with. After living with so little for so long, I am not really sure why I need roughly 100 various sized boxes of stuff, but I am sure once I get it all unpacked (and I do plan to do so in way less time than it is taking some other people I know whom shall remain nameless to protect their identities) I will once again understand how I could not live without it all.

I have to say though that it is awesome to be sitting on a couch typing this with my feet up on a footstool looking across the room at my piano, and having a drink out of a real cup! I have already put away most of my shabbos dishes (except the dinner plates and bowls that I have not found yet) and a bunch of my milchiks stuff.

If pessach were to start tomorrow unexpectedly, I would be ready! I have my milk, my meat, my parve- Heck, I even have my seder plate and afikoman cover! I have no idea how the packers decided what was going into each box, but for some reason all my pessach stuff managed to appear from a million different boxes tonight! Seriously, anyone want to come for a seder tomorrow?

I have arranged for a handy man to come in next week to help hang artwork and the medicine cabinet and stuff like that. I am going to ask my landlord if I can have him fix our door handles as most of our doors have some closing issues.

Picutres to follow once we are unpacked and the boxes are out of the way.

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Anonymous said...

I finished my work. As long as I bring my compy with me tomorrow, I'm free to help you. Call me when you wake up and I'll come over (I'll be in the car around 8:15, so 8:30 will work if you're up, otherwise later on's ok too).