Monday, September 15, 2008


Lorien came over and we spent pretty much all morning unpacking. The vast majority of the kitchen stuff is away. The vast majority of the rest of stuff is not. The boxes were stacked so high and are so heavy we could not get them down. I am going to have ot get Jason to help me when he gets home.

Now that we have our couch and chair and book cases and everything else, it is finally starting to really feel more like "home". We were worried that the apartment would feel really cramped once we got all our stuff into it, but even with all the boxes it is still really light and airy. The "salon" has more than enough room for all our stuff, plus room to extend the table fully, and an open space for Channah to dance around.

Currently the mirpeset is a little cramped with other people's stuff, but once that is gone (later on this week and early next) there is a tonne of room out there. We plan to store our pessach stuff out there (we brought click tight rubbermaid containers with us and I have already repacked all the pessach stuff into them). We are hoping to buy a small shed for Jason's sports stuff. Even with that storage out there, and the required Israeli dying rack (we do not have a dryer) there is still loads of room for Channah's picnic table and tricycle. Those will need to move to one side for succot, but even then there should be more than enough space for our needs.

We have our guest room mostly set up. It is still full of all the packed boxes, but there is room in there to get to the bed (although we can not pull out the 2nd one as of yet) and to put things into the closet and drawers.

No progress has been made in the studio since last week. I juts keep piling in studio stuff, but none of it has been unpacked.

Other than the addition of a dresser, our room still looks pretty much the same. We were too tired last night to put all the clothing in piles in suitcases away so it is all still there. That is on this afternoon's "to do list".

The room that has changed most dramatically (other than the salon) is Channah's room. All her furniture is in there now (Except for her winnie the pooh toy baskets as we have not found them yet) and it looks like a real little princess room. We found her princess rocking chair, and put up the princess wall stickers we bought. Add the princess linens and the pink nightlight and you have a 4 year old's dream room!

Now we just need to unpack the toys and books and put them all where they go!

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