Thursday, September 4, 2008

Currently not in the mood to Hodu* L'ashem

My lift is in Turkey!

Due to a work to rule in the Ashdod port (where our stuff was supposed to land, and that, coincidentally ended within HOURS of them detouring our stuff) nearly everything that we own is currently in a giant metal box in Turkey. I am not amused.

I do not generally consider myself to be particularly materialistic, but we have hit the point where I am pretty much willing to trade my kingdom (such as it is) for a couch (obviously a trade like that would leave me with a pretty !@#$%^ couch, but it would still be a place to flop at the end of the night.

* The Hebrew word for Turkey, animal, meat or country is Hodu, from the same root as "Thanksgiving".


Pesky Settler said...

It looks like I will be in Jerusalem on Monday and probably Thursday. We can meet up in the center of town on Monday if you'd like.

Devo, aka Kmelion

happyduck1979 said...

I can give you a definite maybe :) It all depends on what happens with the lift.

Also, there is not a whole lot of time between when ulpan ends and when I need to get Channah, so it depends on Jason's plans so one of us is free to get her at 3:20

Yaffa said...

Can we trade? We have too much stuff it seems to stuff in our apartment, and you have too little. How about we give you half and we'll both be happy? :)

Oh, by the way, Hodu the country is India, actually. Turkey is simply Turkia.

And your place looks awesome, I wish we had an entrance hall like that!