Thursday, September 25, 2008

6 week check in - Things I have learned thus far

  1. No matter what they tell you, your kid will not start speaking Hebrew instantaniously.
  2. Your start up costs in Israel will be at least twice what you budget. Maybe more.
  3. There is nothing in the world quite like an Israeli sunrise (although it can be annoying when you are awake to see them day after day after day!)
  4. Even if it looks like everything is on target for your stuff to arrive on time, it won't.
  5. Even if your apartment comes with random cool things like air conditioning and a convection oven, that does not mean they are going to work.
  6. Nothing says "home" like getting your stuff up on your walls.
  7. Skype and voip lines can not replace face to face conversations.
  8. Even if your family made you nuts when they lived within walking distance, you are going to miss them like crazy.
  9. You will have a new definition of what constitutes clean clothes. Crunchy is okay, so long as it is fresh from the line crunch.
  10. Soap and shampoo do not lather. Ever.
  11. Ants are just squishy carpeting.
  12. The fact flies can not hurt you does not make them any less annoying.
  13. Closets are overrated.
  14. When a service man says he will come in the afternoon, that does not necessarily mean this week. Or next. Or the one after that.
  15. Not everyone likes olim as much as aliya adds say they do.
  16. Bus stops are really just bus slows, and you never really know for what busses.
  17. Not having a car is a mixed blessing. There is something to be said for walking the neighbourhood and meeting the people in the community.
  18. Buying fruits and vegies fresh on a regular basis based on what is on sale makes your menu way more entertaining.
  19. Kids are kids are kids.
  20. Not packing any hangers is a really dumb idea. Those things are expensive here! Even what I thought of as the garbage wire ones are hard to find!
  21. Being able to grab lunch at the mall is as cool as it always looked when everyone else could do it.
  22. Trains can be a great place to make friends (and catch a minyan).
  23. Why spend money on roller coasters when busses are so much cheaper?
  24. Two strangers (neither of whom was me!) arguing in a supermarket can end a fight with sincere wishes for a new year.
  25. The harware store will carry kitchen supplies, the grocery store will carry furniture, the linen place will have toothbrushes and the clothing store will have appliances. All of them will have toys. And this is normal.


Chaya Tova said...

If you are still looking for hanger you can (or at least I was able to) buy the wire ones from the dry cleaner for minimal cost.

happyduck1979 said...

Thank you.

I will send Jason tomorrow.